never mind the evictions heres..

the bollox infoshop on callensburg straat was first port of call this morning. too crowded to take photos but definitely a squat tourist must see.

picked up a wad of squat-related zines and comix from all over europe and america. so nice to be in such a peaceful, diverse and organised infospace! lessons to be learnt for back home maybe?

books sat behind lock and key which is a pity. apparently they open them up at the weekend. the cafe has cheap tea coffee and vegan toasties. a very patient dutchman stood behind the bar taking orders and it took some persuasion to get him to take money for items even when price lists were clearly marked on the wall. a lady was researching anarcho archives and gave some good tips for where to pick up good anarchist / feminist zines and comics.

met people talking about the evictions which are happening all over amsterdam at the moment. the sauna just opposite is due for eviction soon.. it had a beautiful door with mirrors instead of windows on it. mmm..

this is what callenburgstraat looks like outside

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