ten things i love about 56a

arrived at 56a in the morning. it was closed šŸ˜¦ *but* it did hae some lovely benches and a table just outside wheatpasted with posters and flyers for events happening in the near future and surrounded by a mini herb garden! not a bad place to hang out when its shut.

on thursday it was bike workshop day. the workshop mainly takes place outside as the workshop area inside is a narrow cupboard like room only just to store tools. it was well popular. also, dont know if it was the council or the squatters but there were some bicycle lockers too for storing your bike and not having to worry about it getting nicked. would have been useful for saturday night when mine got jacked!

archives of info and old zines about everything anarcho related on high shelves. underneath theres wall-to-wall bookshelves organized by subject and mainly for sale. one bookshelf has reference only stuff. another has books to swap. theres a great range of newspapers (all recent issue). few racks of cds. nice.

the magazine racks are hand crafted from skipped wood and pinned down with used bicycle inner tube.

in the kitchenette theres a board for empties and people looking for squats or squatmates. theres also a couple of picture frameswhich chronicle the history of the building.

at the front is fairshares – a dirt cheap wholefoods coop shop for dried foods – nuts, seeds, grains, beans, fruit, local produe and spreads. its pretty tiny but really popular again. the wall is full of photos of happy healthy looking folk ranting about how much they love fairshares.

even the toilets awesome. its clean. and its plastered with posters about sexism, homo/trans-phobia and general gender – feminsm stuff. toilets seem like a good place to remind people about bits related tings. catch em with their trousers down (maybe?)

is that ten yet..?

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