london to the zad in a day

so we took the train to mottingham station in london. two little mob in hoods. off to the forest. finally! we had cat hats and mandolins and thought wed get picked up instantly. it took an hour of waiting at a station on the a20. i didnt mind. i was so happy. we kept laughing til we cried at stupid jokes that made no sense!

out first lift was a london man who was a bit dubious of ‘protesters’ – ‘do you eat vegetables or do you believe carrots have a soul?’. he turned out to be a total leftie. there were things we agreed on though. ‘labour have ruined this country! so long as house prices were going up noone gave a shit!’ he very kindly took us all the way to dover even though he was going to folkstone.

out of the car and Gruesome recognized the man parked next to us at the ferryport. hed waved at us earlier but had not much room in his van. Gruesome kept talking and gesturing. we had a ride to paris!

bored on board the ferry boat. Gruesome exhausted. we got free hot chocolates from the ‘drivers area’ and then found ourselves with a bottle of amaretto. there followed the most delicious almondy, chocolaty sensations of taste known to man woman or cat.

the kindfaced frenchman, who loved nothing more than dragsters, looked puzzled when we arrived in paris and wanted to keep hitching. it was midnight. more amaretto. roast parsnips and beetroot. some bizarre antics at the zebra crossing: a drunk smiled at us ‘youre all going to die…’ then pixie footed kids clicking their heels to the little green man. a car stops! were so relieved we pile in. we realize were in the boot of a pitch black van with two man driving who speak neither french nor english…

its fine. we pile out again and pitch tent for the night. a couple of early morning lifts and were wandering aimlessly around the fields of the zad. where are we supposed to be going? does it really matter? shall we have another swig of amaretto? how about a tune on la mandoline…

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1 Response to london to the zad in a day

  1. Jo says:

    Glad to see you’re havin’ a good time – but come to Turkey!! 🙂

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